Our Parenting Courses Catalogue

We're continuously adding and improving our programs to help even more parents in Singapore.

We understand.

Being a parent is both a rewarding and a challenging journey mashed together into your little bundle of joy.

That's why as a Parenting Workshop Organiser in Singapore, we have several strict criteria we use to develop our various parenting courses.

Our Selection Criteria

Below are the criteria we run every single one of our programs through before deciding to conduct a workshop or class.

They are the reason why we do anything in our childcare centres and in our workshops.

After having worked with so many young and creative minds, they have never ceased to amaze us. They way they view the world with their sweet innocence is what has kept us going all these years.

Yet, the sad fact remains, many parents miss out on many of these wonderful moments because of their busy schedule. And the little available time they do have to spend with these little darlings are often filled with tiny misunderstandings.

That's why we've decided to branch our services out to help educate more parents on different parenting methods and techniques to help foster a loving and encouraging learning environment for these children to grow up in.

As working adults, we're not used to long hours of lecture.

That's why when we decided to start organising parenting courses for interested parents, one of our criteria was to ensure these lessons are fun, interactive, and educational.

And the truth is... as human beings, we do learn much faster and better when we're actively involved in the exercises and activities.

When you decide to join our programs, we guarantee if you can dedicate your time with us, we'll do our best to deliver a course that will entertain and educate you at the same time.

Best of all?

You'll be picking up powerful skills to deepen your relationship with your child as well.

At the end of the day, our expertise lies in caring for and educating young children, toddlers and also babies. But we're not full-time lecturers or speakers.

That's why we choose instead to work with industry experts to bring about these amazing programs for you.People who have the relevant knowledge and experience to transmit their knowledge to you.

Our selection criteria is strict. Every expert we decide to work with will have undergone rigorous interviews with us before we do decide to bring them on board.

Because YOU as a parent MUST benefit from our workshops. We believe, that's the only way, you can bring these skills back home to your family. It's only possible with the right trainer.

Our Upcoming Courses

Connected Parents Workshop

Discover the reason why your child behaves or misbehaves and more importantly... how you can connect on a deeper level and improve your relationship.