How to Help Your Child Unlock Their Maximum Potential

Connected Parents Workshop Preview

Getting their child to happily keep the toys, eat their vegetables and go to bed... that's what many parents want.

The problem is, that's not what their child wants.

So, when these parents try to discipline them, they choose instead, to rebel against their parents' wishes.

If these parents try a "softer" approach, their children don't learn from the incident and continue to misbehave and "step all over" their poor unsuspecting parents.

You see, children, especially young children, know how to "control" their parents. It's all subconscious to them as they have an intuitive sense of how to get their parents' attention.

That's why we created the Connected Parents Workshop. To help parents learn how to read their children's intentions and even help them to unlock their maximum potential.

Simply by understanding their child's personality and developing an effective parenting style to handle your child at home.

To help you decide if this is a workshop for you, we're running a Free 2 hours preview. Here's a sample of what you'll learn when you come down:

  • The 5 Stages of your child's Psychosocial Development and what you should be doing at each stage to maximise their growth potential.

  • How to build a long-lasting and genuine relationship with your child

  • What every parent must know about responding to any screaming child and what they really want

  • Why pleading, scolding, or punishing your child will never motivate your child to do certain things and what you should do instead

  • The absolute essential first three things you must do before you attempt to negotiate with your child or manage any conflicts

  • 9 types of motivational factors and how to tell which is the right factor to motivate yourself and your child

  • And much, much more

Get on track to be the best parent you could possibly be for your child. This preview session promises to open your eyes on the possibilities and how you can connect with your child better.

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