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Connected Parents Workshop

What Every Parent Ought to Know About Their Child & How to Help Them Naturally Unleash Their Highest Potential. 

Question: How Often Do You Find Yourself Saying, "My Child Controls Me!"

Dear parent,

Don't you ever wished you could get your child to happily keep the toys, eat dinner, or even head off to bed on time?

You can!

As a childcare centre with over 30 years of combined experience, one of the biggest challenges parents pour out to us is...

"How can they get their children to obey their instructions at home?"

To some of them, it feels like their child is a completely different "monster" in the house. Not the "sweet little angel" we see in the centre.

Well, in a short while, we're going to share with you our secret. A secret we use to "control" our children in the centre. (It's all ethical and legal, of course)

And the best part?

You can learn this same secret within a day.

But first...

Why Does Your Child Misbehave at Home?

The truth is...

Every child is different. They have their own distinct and remarkable way of perceiving the world around them.

And as they grow, they continue to learn and adapt with the environment around them.

These continuous interaction helps them develop their own unique talents and gifts. And as they continue to grow, they begin to develop their own unique personality.

That's when things begin to change!

"Your kids require you most of all to love them for who they are, not to spend your whole time trying to correct them.”
― Bill Ayers

Many well-meaning parents want to make the best decision for their children.

Their intent is good. Unfortunately, the execution often isn't.

These parents fail to consider their child's personality and often "pressure" their child to do things beyond their natural abilities.


We've seen parents who tried to get their daughter to be more "proactive" at play. When the girl is a natural "investigator" introvert.

We've also seen parents ignoring their son, hoping he'll build independence skills. Without realising his personality is that of a "helper" and interaction is important for him.

And we've also seen parents scolding their daughter, telling her to behave in public. The poor girl has a "challenger" personality. The more they tried to "discipline" her, the worst it would get.


So, it's hardly surprising to us when these children rebel against their parents good wishes. I think you would too, if you were in their shoes. If you felt like you were constantly misunderstood.

Now, if these situations sound all too familiar...

Here's some good news...


As parents, many of us never had a former education on psychology or behavioural management.

We discipline and educate our children because we care and love them. And we only want the best for them.

But sad fact is... many of us don't know what's the best way or approach to properly help them.

Instead, many parents ended up sabotaging their relationship unintentionally.

That's why we decided to step in before the bridge gets completely broken.

We set out to organise parenting workshops to help educate our parents. Teaching them how to "read" their child's personality and what they should do next.

It is the reason why our teachers connect so easily with the children in our centres!

And this is a technique you can easily use at home.

In fact, once you begin to understand your child's personality better, you may find your relationship instantly improving.

Because when your child feels you understand what he or she is going through... they'll become more open to come and share their many discoveries and experiences with you.

I think you're beginning to see how powerful learning to interpret your child's personality really is.

How Well Do You Know Your Child's Personality?

The honest truth is...

While we've been using these skills to help us in our work with young children...

We're not professional psychologists.

We have learnt how to use these skills effectively because we work closely with many young children.

classroom full of young children

It gives us the opportunity to see many different personalities coming together... but we're not experts in teaching parents about personalities.

And thankfully, you don't have to be an expert to learn how to bond closer with your child.

That's why we've decided to bring in an actual psychologist for this event.

Someone who coaches people for a living, helping families and co-workers to rebuild strained (and sometimes damaged) relationships.

It is for this reason we're proud to introduce our esteemed trainer for this workshop...

Meet Our Psychologist for this Workshop

Nicole Ling - Workplace Psychologist

Nicole Ling, BSc Psychology

Nicole Ling is a Workplace Psychology & Leadership Coach, Consultant & Trainer with more than 15 years of experience in the field of training and facilitation.

Nicole has assisted Business Leaders through organisational challenges such as Mergers and Acquisitions. She is also the winner of the Global Women’s Leadership Award 2013.

Nicole brings with her an indomitable sense of confidence to her clients who have benefited extensively from her corporate and personal coaching.

Nicole is a trained psychologist with many years under her belt working closely with many corporations and their staff.

So, when we had this opportunity to organise this workshop together with her, we were delighted, as you'll soon see for yourself.

Because we previously invited her to share her expertise with our teachers and within a single session, our teachers were surprised to discover unique qualities about themselves.

Qualities they didn't even know were pulling them back from becoming the best they could be.

And what was even more shocking... was to find out that many of these qualities were developed in as early as from our childhood.

In fact, let me share with you some of the key highlights you'll discover for yourself during the workshop.

  • The 5 Stages of your child's Psychosocial Development and what you should be doing at each stage to maximise their growth potential

  • How to build a long-lasting and genuine relationship with your child

  • What every parent must know about responding to any screaming child and what they really want

  • Why pleading, scolding, or punishing your child will never motivate your child to do certain things and what you should do instead

  • The single biggest mistake parents commit trying to discipline their child

  • How to identify your unique parenting style that will inspire and invoke respect and love from your child

  • The little-known secret of instilling confidence and a champion mentality in your child - this simple mindset trick will help them tackle any challenges they'll face in their growing up years

  • The absolute essential first three things you must do before you attempt to negotiate with your child or manage any conflicts

  • 9 types of motivational factors and how to tell which is the right factor to motivate yourself and your child

Could This Be the Missing Link?

As you can see, we have a lot of material to cover.

That's why we'll need an entire day to go through not just the theory but also the practical aspect so you can go home and nurture a stronger relationship with your child.

Here's the thing...

With the skills you're about to learn, you can apply it to the other areas of your life.

You'll learn how to communicate better with your spouse, with your parents, your friends, and even the stranger you meet on the street.

Because our personalities do affect every area of our lives!

How Do I Get Started?

As we have mentioned, it'll take an entire day to run through the materials we have prepared.

But first, we want you to experience the value and potential of what we're about to share with you.

Because we're certain that once you've tasted the power of learning about personality, you'll naturally want to attend our 1-day workshop.

So, here's the deal...

We're conducting a free introductory session where we will dive into some of the key techniques.

We want you to spend an evening, discovering new qualities about yourself, and how you connect with your child.

We guarantee you'll enjoy yourself and learn a whole lot more about how to motivate your child positively.

And if you attend this session and decide it's not for you... you can simply walk away with the skills you've learnt. No obligations required.

You really have nothing to lose and a ton to gain just by coming down.

So, register for this session, come down, take plenty of notes, and have fun learning more about yourself and your parenting method.

We can't wait to see you there.

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