Childcare Centre Programs Singapore

Combining growth strategies with parenting techniques to develop your child's unique personality.

As early childhood educators, we felt that the Singapore parenting scene needed a paradigm shift in the way we educate our children. Growing up shouldn't just be about school and results. it should be about a child's personal development skills. Which, when done right, helps a child develop his or her own studying and learning skills as well.

This discovery led us to formulate and develop our childcare centre's unique approach to preschool education here at Bambini Childcare LLP.

Our Centre's Unique Approach to Child Care Planning

Preschool education is perhaps the most important time of any child's life as it sets the foundation for their growth. That's why we believe in providing high quality education that helps your child enjoy the process of learning and discovering new things. This process gets their minds thinking as they build up their independence skills.


Every child is unique. They're constantly building their schema of the world through what they see, hear, touch and feel. This naturally inquisitive nature allows them to become active learners and creative thinkers. It builds up their individual personality.

That's why we believe in letting children make their own choices. To allow them to feel empowered to set their learning journey and respect innate the intelligence dwelling within them and bring out their fullest potential.

As educators, we play an important and almost integral role in their development. Not by forcing our ideas upon them, but by facilitating their journey, giving them the opportunities create a deeper relationship with the world around them.

Play and interaction. That's how children learn to express themselves through a variety of medium and outlet. The key we've discovered is in allowing them to do so in the right environment.

It allows them to make their own decision, solve their individual problems, and discover new things around them. They learn to present their ideas, to communicate with others, to lead, to follow, to be themselves.

At our childcare centre, we focus on giving each child an age-appropriate learning experience. Experiences that covers a wide range of everyday topics like science, language, mathematics, and self-awareness. We're here to give your child the many opportunities for them to explore and learn through their own discovery.

Learning should never be restricted to the school. It continues every where your child is. Especially back at home with the family.

And the goal is to bridge and connect the different environment for a complete and holistic learning experience for your child. That's where our home school partnership plays an important role in scaffolding your child's development.

Our centre believes strongly in working closely with our parents to create an experience-rich environment, both physically and socially, for your child. That's also why we're continuously inviting parents and the entire family to join us in our many programs at the centre, along with our parenting workshop programs.

Childcare Levels & Curriculum

We provide both full day care and flexi-care to cater to your needs. Depending on the programme selected, we have different meals and mandatory pick-up timings.

Play group

Play Group

(18 months – 30 months)

Nursery 1

Nursery One

(30 months – 3.5 years)

Nursery 2

Nursery Two

(3.5 years – 4.5 years)

Kindergarten 1

Kindergarten One

(4 years – 5 years)

Kindergarten 2 (1)

Kindergarten 2

(5 Years- 6 years)

Enquire Our Next Intake

Call us or send us an email right now to enquire for our centre's next intake for each age group. Our classes are kept small to ensure a good teacher to children ratio.