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Courses and Seminars to Guide Serious Parents Develop Their Own Unique & Effective Parenting Style for Connecting Better With Their Children

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“There is no job more important than parenting. This I believe.” - Ben Carson

Want to learn how to connect better with your child and be the best parent you can possibly be?

We're here to help you make parenthood a much more enjoyable process with our parenting workshops. As a childcare centre with over 30 years of experience working closely with young infants and toddlers, we are all too familiar with the challenges many parents face at home.

We understand how your hectic and busy work schedule makes it difficult for you to improve your relationship with your child.

We don't believe there's such a thing as a bad or good parenting. There's only a parent who hasn't discovered how to understand their child. And more importantly... how to understand themselves better. This we believe is what positive parenting is all about.

That's why we've decided to combine our experience with other experts and organise practical workshops to help parents develop the right parenting strategies to improve their relationship. And to learn to love their children better.

Who Will Benefit From Our Programs...

Working Dads & Moms

For parents who find themselves bogged up at work and difficult to juggle their time. Our 1-day programs are designed to provide you with the critical parenting skills you need to develop a closer relationship with your child.

Stay Home Parent

Do you struggle to get your child to do certain things at home? Does it feel like your child is "controlling" you? Our programs will help you understand your child's behaviour and what they're really trying to tell you.

Educators & Teachers

Working with young children requires a different skill set altogether. You can't reason with them the same way you would an adult. Instead, a better approach to discipline them is by understanding their personality first.

The Principles Behind Our Workshops


We always have our children in mind when we organise any program. As a childcare centre, we've had the opportunity to work with young children and see them grow up. We're constantly amazed at their creativity and curiousity at the world around them.

It is a pity many parents miss out on some of these little discoveries as these children display a different personality at home. And it isn't because these children want to misbehave, but many parents miss the subtle signs they're showing them.

So, by providing training courses for different parent groups, we believe this will help more mums and dads connect with their child. Which helps the children in the long run.

Course Material

Who Are We

As a Reggio Emilia inspired school and childcare centre, we've always aimed to provide quality care for our children. We recognise that children learn and develop through discovery and investigating their ideas. By playing, expressing their uniqueness and through their social and cultural diversity.

Our team of educators are thus trained to allow our children the opportunity to express these ideas through play and structured learning while preparing them with pre-academic skills for primary school.

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